Open Water Scuba Diver

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Your ticket to the underwater world – the OPEN WATER DIVER certification. Adventure Sports Scuba will help you learn everything you need to know to start your adventure the fun and correct way. SDI Open Water Diver certification cards are recognized throughout the world. They entitle you to dive with other certified divers, enable you to purchase/rent equipment and obtain air fills anywhere you choose to dive.

Adventure Sports Scuba offers:

  • $499 Certification Fee covers EVERYTHING – all of the study material, gear rental and pool time!
  • Are you planning a vacation and would like to get certified on your trip? Our $399 Certification Fee for Referrals covers all of the study material, gear and pool time!
  • We provide the students with a minimum of 8hrs of pool time over the 3 day course.
  • All equipment is provided for the course! If you wish to purchase your own gear, Adventure Sports Scuba offers a complete line of Masks, Fins, Suits, BCs, Regulators and Computers.
  • We offer Dry Suit rentals for your Open Water dives which will keep you warm in the waters of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Adventure Sports Scuba is run by Ron Tinker, who has over 35 years of diving experience!

Learning to Scuba Dive is Easy as 1, 2, 3.

STEP 1: Purchase your Internationally acclaimed Home-Study Program. Also schedule your Private Orientation. The SDI Student Manual includes study guide questions at the end of each section to help you retain your new knowledge and test your retention.

STEP 2: The second step of your adventure is to sign up for the dates of your Scuba Program, which includes all academic/equipment reviews as well as unlimited “confined water” training in a conveniently located heated pool. During your SDI Open Water Diver training sessions you will learn all of the necessary skills and safe diving procedures to be a comfortable confident diver.

STEP 3: That’s right – save the best for last! Let’s go Diving! Your third step of this fantastic Adventure is the most exciting of all! Satisfy your urge to submerge! Your open water weekend includes two days with four dives offered at a local destination.

What you see diving in the Pacific Northwest

Our instructors are always asked “so what is there to see underwater in the Northwest”. Plenty! The photos below were all shot in Hoodsport, WA where Adventure Sports Scuba takes it’s students each month for Open Water Certification. Even though Adventure Sports Scuba isn’t located close to tropical waters, our students see unique aquatic life specific to this part of the world on every dive!

Course Details
  • Price:


  • Fee Covers:

    Course Materials, Training, Pool Time, All Gear Rentals and Certification Card

  • SDI Standards & Procedures:

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  • Course Length:

    Thursday 6:00PM–9:00PM

    Saturday 8:00AM–4:00PM

    Sunday 8:00AM–4:00PM

    Tuesday 6:00PM-9:ooPM


    Open Water Certification – The following Saturday & Sunday

Scheduled Classes

We recommend doing your open water dives during the months of December through February by referral or adding dry suit training to your class

December 2019

12/5-12/10 Classroom / Pool
12/14-12/15 Open Water Dives

January 2020
1/16-1/21 Classroom / Pool
1/25-1/26 Open Water Dives

February 2020
1/30-2/4 Classroom / Pool
2/8-2/9 Open Water Dives

February 2020
2/20-2/25 Classroom / Pool
2/29-3/1 Open Water Dives

March 2020
3/12-3/17  Classroom / Pool
3/21-3/22 Open Water Dives

March/April 2020
3/26-3/31  Classroom / Pool
4/4-4/5 Open Water Dives

April 2020
4/16-4/21  Classroom / Pool
4/25-4/26  Open Water Dives

May 2020
5/14-5/19  Classroom / Pool
5/23-5/24  Open Water Dives

June 2020
6/4-6/9  Classroom / Pool
6/13-6/14  Open Water Dives

June 2020
6/18-6/23  Classroom / Pool
6/27-6/28  Open Water Dives

July 2020
7/9-7/14   Classroom / Pool
7/18-7/19  Open Water Dives

July/August 2020
7/30-8/4  Classroom / Pool
8/8-8/9  Open Water Dives

August 2020
8/20-8/25  Classroom / Pool
8/29-8/30  Open Water Dives

September 2020
9/10-9/15 Classroom / Pool
9/19-9/20 Open Water Dives

September/October 2020
9/24-9/29  Classroom / Pool
10/3-10/4  Open Water Dives

October 2020
10/8-10/13  Classroom / Pool
10/17-10/18  Open Water Dives

November 2020
11/12-11/17  Classroom / Pool
11/21-11/22  Open Water Dives

December 2020
12/3-12/8  Classroom / Pool
12/12-12/13  Open Water Dives


We are encouraging students to join us on one of our Tropical Trips to finish your certification as an added option!