Adventure Sports Dive Leaders

What can we say, we have some of the best support staff in the region!  Many started diving with the shop as Open Water Scuba student and after years of refining their skills (not to mention countless hours of training) they now assist in teaching new divers.

Ron Tinker

Ron Tinker (IC4838)

He has been actively teaching for over 35 years. He holds the level of Instructor Certifier with Scuba Schools International (SSI) and Scuba Diving International (SDI). He also is an instructor for Advanced Nitrox, Dolphin Rebreathers, Solo diving through TDI. Ron stays in touch with clients through Active instruction and running dive trips. Hobbies include underwater photo, video and seafood collecting.

Eric Stevenson

Eric Stevenson (DM22804)

Eric was certified through Adventure Sports Scuba in 2006 when he was 13 years old. Throughout middle and high school his passion for the water grew while taking advantage of the local dive trips put on by the shop. His passion turned into a career by graduating The Divers Institute of Technology and was hired as a Commercial Diver soon after graduation. Working in a three man team he traveled across the U.S. cleaning, inspecting, and repairing potable water towers and reservoirs in a surface supplied Kirby Morgan Dive Helmet. He began working for Adventure Sports Scuba in June of 2013 and since then has been absorbing as much knowledge as he can from Ron’s many years in the industry. During this time he has also become a Level 1 SSI Freedive Instructor, SDI Divemaster, and repair technician. Currently Eric enjoys planning local dive weekends, spearfishing the coast, snowboarding the mountain, and everything in between whenever he gets a chance.

Michael Estlund

Michael Estlund (OWI50185)

I started diving with Adventure Sports because I wanted to get certified for an upcoming tropical vacation and I wanted to explore the underwater world.  My only initial fear was this cold water temperate you hear about called the Puget Sound.  After my open water classes I realized the diving wasn’t as cold as I felt like it would be and the diving was just as amazing in the Northwest.  In fact, the marine life in the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands is amazing.  I decided to continue my diving with Adventure Sports by taking advance classes, Stress and Rescue, Dive Coordinator classes and finally certifying as an Open Water Instructor.  The new dive buddies and friendships developed through the shop have brought me back time and time again.  Stop by the shop and sign up for an upcoming dive class or trip, I will be looking forward in diving with you too!!!

Jack Barstow

Jack Barstow

Jack became an open water certified diver in 2010. Since then he has fallen in love with Pacific Northwest diving and really enjoys being an instructor for Adventure Sports Scuba. Ron has become a close friend and mentor in the past years and the two of them always have a blast teaching together.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Michelle was Open Water certified in 2013 after Jack B. introduced her to the diving world. After gaining some experience she started Safety Diving and then enrolled in the Assistant Instructor Program with most of the dives completed in the Pacific Northwest. Her passion is working one on one with students when possible.

Cas Falkowski

Cas Falkowski (OWI59035)

Like most, I came to Adventure Sports to get certified before traveling away for a vacation. After returning from weeks of diving in tropical waters, I was hooked on exploring the underwater world and have been a familiar face in the shop and on dive trips ever since. It’s rewarding working as a Open Water Instructor because it allows me to see the smiles on the students faces each time I introduce them to a new world they’ve never experienced before.

Kari Miller

Kari Miller (DC58991)

Kari fell in love with SCUBA diving from moment she got certified. She started diving with her family in the Pacific Northwest and as her experience grew, so did her passion for diving. She knew after a few months that she wanted to become a Dive Control Specialist and has been thrilled to take her love for diving into the realm of teaching.  From helping new students experience the joys of the underwater world, to building friendships through social activities and dive trips, being apart of the Adventure Sports Dive Team has been more fun than she ever imagined. Come join Kari and the group for an upcoming class or dive trip! And remember… It’s not just a dive, it’s and ADVENTURE!

Ken Maio

Ken Maio

I began my diving experience with Adventure Sports in February 2003 and have progressed on a steady pace ever since. My training was world class and from even my earliest dives, I have wanted to grow towards my ultimate long term goal of becoming an Open Water Instructor. I currently have reached the Master Level with SSI and have the privilege of helping the Instructors and Dive Cons with things that I am qualified to do. From helping haul gear to making breakfasts in the morning, or whatever is needed I try and help out.

The benefit to me is the opportunity to continually meet new divers and often accompany them on their first Open Water Dives after certification. It is amazing to watch the new diver’s smiles as they enjoy their first experiences and build confidence as they gain additional knowledge and skills. One thing I believe after diving locally and in far away places, is that training in the NW with Adventure Sports prepares a diver so that they are able to dive with confidence anywhere in the world. I look forward to seeing new faces join us in our underwater adventures and also my next step towards becoming a Dive Con!