Specialty Medley- Sunrise Resort

Join us for a weekend of training!

If you have been looking for a way to advance your skills look no further! This is a great opportunity to get some really great training under your belt!

Our dive leaders will be working on an array of specialty courses this weekend and you can take as many or as few as you would like!

**A RSVP is REQUIRED for this trip**

Please email ront@adventuresportsscuba.com to let him know that you are interested. If you need gear please include your height, weight, shoe size, and a detailed list of what you need. In addition to that you are responsible for your housing for that night. So please call Sunrise and reserve a room! If you are not planning on reserving a room with them please be prepared for a beach use fee! Please also be prepared for a few classroom sessions prior to the dive as well!


Reserve Your Spot
  • Departure Date:

    November 11th - 13th

  • Trip Cost:


    Courses that will be offered:

    Advanced Adventurer: $349

    Advanced Buoyancy: $139

    Deep Diving: $169

    Dry Suit: $239

    Navigation: $139

    Night Diving: $139

    Rental Gear is not included but will be discounted for the weekend!

    $100 for Dry Suit Package

    $75 Wetsuit Package